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About Us

About KT NET
KT Net is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public benefit transportation service and was established in response to a need for public transportation in northeastern Humboldt and northern Trinity Counties. A grassroots organization, KT Net has been in operation since January 2003. It was formed by a coalition of concerned citizens from several communities in Humboldt and Trinity counties to address the need for transportation. 

Both counties are surrounded by rugged, mountainous terrain. It is within these mountains that an underserved population has very limited access to transportation, therefore, a limited access to healthcare, employment, education, training and other special programs.

There are four communities in Humboldt county which KT Net provides transportation to with a collective population of over 5,000 residents. These communities, per capita, are the most economically oppressed by poverty in Humboldt and Trinity counties. The residents in these communities have lived without any type of public transportation which has negatively impacted their lives. The lack of available transportation restricted their ability to receive proper medical attention, find employment and take advantage of education opportunities, resulting in loss of self-worth and independence.

Funding for this service comes from Transportation Development Act funds, through donations and additional grant funding as available.

Our routes have been designed to coordinate with a coastal bus service, provided by Redwood Transit, which supports the connection between the non-urbanized areas on to a larger, regional and national system of intercity bus service and with a bus service, provided by Trinity Transit, which supports the connection east into Trinity County and again on to a larger, regional and national system. 

KT Net is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by an Executive Director:

President                     Joan Briggs
Vice President             Jeannie Tussey
Treasurer                     Rozz Aucella
Asst Treasurer             Terry Supahan
Secretary                     Bill Taplin
                                    Trish Oakes

Executive Director       Dusty Napier